Dowload Instagram Plus gold apk Latest Version

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Instagram Blue Plus InstaG

In addition, Instagram Plus apk and InstaG Plus have been released on August 6, 2017. For the 10.14.0 version of the original version of the AppStart, which is compatible with the store by the developer Abu Arab, a number of great features that users of Instagram have added on a daily basis include:
Upload images and videos, download Google store, open profile image, copy comments, fully supports the Arabic language in the application, copy the status and many of the features that you will discover later or will be added to the request of users, find download links at the end of the explanation.

Why are Instagram Plus Gold developed?

The main reason for the development is to provide a better service to users always, was developed the program Instagram Plus and Golden Instagram for the suffering of instagram users in the preservation of images and video from the Instagram at the beginning, after that appeared many features in the Instagram especially after the control of Facebook, such as the story ” And the need of users to save and download images and video of the store in Instagram ,and we have encountered as users of the program Instagram many requirements that we wish to add in the program Instagram and inability to copy comments, so these features have been added and more to the point and We called it will be the Golden Plus.

Why are you two copies of the Instagram Plus download and Instagram Golden from Abu arab?

We have provided Instagram users with the option to download the Instagram version, which is the version that you can install instead of the original version. InstaGram Plus + InstaG can be installed next to the original Instagram, or Instagram Plus. This is the only difference between the two versions, and the two versions have all the features.

Explain the advantages of Instagram golden Plus and Instagram Plus apk by photoes

Save images and video from the Instagram: All you have to do to save the image or video is to click on the menu at the top of the image or video in Instagram Plus or Golden Instagram and choose from them, then you will find the image or video in your studio.

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Dowload Instagram Plus gold apk Latest Version
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