Download OGInsta+ oginstagram apk Latest Version 2018 (Official)

The application of Instagram is one of the most famous applications in the field of social communication. It has gained widespread popularity in the Arab world and the European world. Everyone uses it In order to publish his own moments and the places he visited and the places he is currently in, a person with all his followers from friends, colleagues, relatives and all who love them.

Instagram is the first of its type of photo and video applications to publish photos and videos by artists, athletes and celebrities who share their moments with their fans. Thus increasing their fame more.

Every person who has a talent in a particular field publishes his work and publishes himself through the application of Instagram. He who has the talent of drawing, singing talent, acting talent, or the talent of playing in a particular game, who make a video and published himself on the Instagram site It enjoys fame and its spread further.

How to open more than one Instagram account for Android

Therefore, a person may have to have an account on the Instagram site, one of which is a person’s account, and the other is for work, but the Android system only allows one account to be signed in, so everyone searches for the way their accounts are opened on the same device, We wrote this article to identify the easy way through which we can work on two Instagram accounts without repeating the application of the Instagram and without the need for root work of the device continued How to open more than one Instagram account on one phone.

To learn more about this method, follow this with the application of the application APK OGInsta for Android, to get to know this method of opening more than the account Instagram for Android in detail and to know the features and characteristics of this application closely and we download it from the link custom to you in the last article, They continued reading with us.

What is the application of OGInstagram for Android “OGInsta“?

It is an application where you can open another account on Instagram. The nice thing to remember is that you will not need to delete the application of the official Instagram but it works on its side without problems, taking full advantage of the features in the application of the official Instagram, in addition to the additional features and features The application is also called “OG Instagram plus ” for Android, and it is also considered a modified or duplicate application such as Instagram Plus for iPhone.

With the application of the application APK OGInstagram for Android can work on two account of you on the Instagram program, and you can get all the images and video clips that are published on the application of the Instagram, in addition to zoom in the pictures of friends and personal visibility is clear, and the ability to download The story of different friends, be they photos or videos.

What are the characteristics and features of the OGInsta application for Android?

  • 1 – Free: The application OGInstagram APK for Android is free to download and get it, in addition to it is completely free to work on it and to take advantage of its features and characteristics provided, and especially the opening of more than an account of Instagram for the Android.
  • 2 – The possibility of loading the stories of friends: It is known that the application of the official Instagram is not allowed when you watch the stories of friends to upload, so the application OGInsta open two accounts without a root for Android allows you to do this through simple steps, all you have to do Is the access to the story of friends, whether a picture or a video, you will notice below there are three points, click on them, and then choose Download, then you will find the story of your friends in your studio, save Instagram Story in the studio.
  • 3 – the possibility of uploading images and videos: In the many pages on the application of the Instagram are uploading images and videos, including various recreational and educational, including guidance and other, and you may want to keep them but the application of the interest does not allow you to do so, and So you can download, get and keep it through the application of OGInstagram for Android.
  • 4 – Sharing photos at normal size: No doubt you were exposed at one time during the upload of one of the images to request the crop or reduce your image to be suitable for the size of images that must be uploaded on the application of the Instagram, but the application of OGInstagram for Android does not require you to crop Or play in them, but upload them in their normal size without losing any part of them, which may bother you in the habit.
  • 5 – The possibility of sharing and copying links: You can copy the link of any image or video and directly participate on your page easily and without any complexity.
  • 6 – the possibility to see the personal pictures of friends: All of us know the privacy of the application in the Instagram, which prevents you from seeing personal pictures of friends in normal size, so the application OGInstagram for Android will allow you to see more personal pictures in large size, I.e. zoom in, view and without any problems only through the application OGInsta for Android
  • 7 – The possibility of uploading videos up to 60 seconds: After we used to upload videos for only 15 seconds on the application of the official Instagram, today you will be able to upload your clips and if it exceeded 60 seconds or a full minute.
  • 8 – Allows to work without deleting the original Instagram: Do not be afraid to delete the original or official Instagram, because you will be able to work on the implementation of the original Instagram and the application of OGInstagram for Android at the same time without facing any problem.
  • 9 – The application of the modified and Arabized: It is a modified application for the application of the original Instagram and has the same characteristics in addition to the features, and it is well known and you can take advantage of this beautiful feature will not have difficulties in working to open two accounts for the extension of the Android without a root.

How to download OGInstagram APK for Android:

After you have reviewed all the features and characteristics contained in the application OGInstagram, Open more than an account Instagram for android Arabic OGInsta for Android from saving friends storied, save Instagram Story in the studio, and upload images and video clips, and see personal images size Natural and large, and upload all the pictures on your profile in original size without cropping or editing you can now enjoy the experience of this beautiful application by downloading it by clicking on this link.

Download OGInsta+ oginstagram apk Latest Version 2018 (Official)
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