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Best Winter Status 2016

1. ) Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories.

2. ) When you kiss me my whole world vanishes.

3. ) Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories.

4. ) does anyone else feel that in the winter you are all of a sudden interested with the weather..

5. ) I’m the kind of person who drinks hot chocolate in the summer, and eats ice cream in the winter.

6. ) Taking Sips Of Coffee Lying In Cozy Bed With Blanket Around… Enjoying Winter.

7. ) Hi December I am so ready for Christmas movies and Christmas Songs and snow and all that other sappy amazing Winter stuff. ❄

8. ) Winters are never cold if you have warm memories of someone special 🙂

9. ) If You Want To Protect Yourself from Cold. Then Just.. Go To Hell. It’s really Hot there.

10. ) *Winter* Couples: We are going to cuddle and snuggle like there is no tomorrow. Me: *stares at pillow* You love me right?


Awesome Winter Quotes For WhatsApp

11. ) Winter always turns into spring.

12. ) Winter, Winter go away, come again another day…I need some sun, I need some sand, I need an island and a one night stand!!

13. ) Eat chicken..drink wine! and say f*ck off to Winter!

14. ) A cold wind was blowing from the north, and it made the trees rustle like living things.

15. ) In this season of WHITE and GRAY may my wishes add warmth to your days Happy Winter Season.

16. ) A man says a lot of things in summer he doesn’t mean in winter.

17. ) Any one who can make hot chocolate!

18. ) I love fall and winter because it gives us more reasons to cuddle!

19. ) The heart can get really cold if all you’ve known is winter.

20. ) The warmest blankets of peace snow only from the heart. ~Layne Russell

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wallpaper for gbwhatsapp
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