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Whatsapp is one of the most popular social networking programs that people have, and they prefer from others, and even provides them to send free messages and make free calls without the need to recharge the phone balance, using the application of the iPhone WhatsApp to make all free calls of all kinds ( Text, audio, video, group) and send free messages from anywhere and anywhere around the world.

WhatSapp iphone maintains the privacy of your calls and messages by encrypting all messages and calls between the sender and the receiver, with the possibility of sending all multimedia such as voice, pictures and video for free without any financial charge, yet it is small and does not occupy a large area of memory of the iPhone or iPad , We will learn together in this article how to download Whatsapp for iPhone free, and the advantages offered by the latest version of the iPhone and iPad, continued with us to the end of the article.

If you’re looking for a Whatsapp for iPad without Gailbreak all you have to do, use an article whatsapp for iPad

  1. Registration is free of charge. Registration does not require any subscription fees or any financial restrictions, nor does it require an e-mail to register or sign up, only by phone number
  2. Fully supports English.
  3. Send all multimedia [photos, video, voice messages] to one person, or to a group of receivers.
  4. Conduct all types of calls [domestic, international, individual, collective, voice and video calls] for free and without financial restrictions.
  5. Sending and receiving messages from the computer by providing a copy of the Whatsapp for the computer, known through Whatsapp Web.
  6. Make international calls for free, without charging the balance, only through the application of the whatsapp , provided that the whatsapp is available at the receiving person.
  7. The possibility of sending messages in the absence of Internet connection offline messages.
  8. Highlight favorite messages with a yellow star, quickly reach them, and bring back your beautiful memories by reading your favorite messages.

Note: You can not contact emergency services via Wharsapp!

Create a new account in Whatsapp :

After you download the program, you will be prompted for whatsapp two things:

  1. Access your contacts on the iPhone: Here you are not an option, but you must access the contacts to get to know all the friends who have a Whatsapp account, to communicate with them in a relaxed way, otherwise you will be used to add them as a friend and friend, and believe me you will be bored!
  2. The possibility of sending the Whatsapp alerts to you: This is due to you, if you want to get alerts to you, press “Allow”.

Open an account in the whatsapp :

Open an account in the account:
How to set up an account in Whatsapp is very easy, and does not contain any complications, you do not need an e-mail (e-mail) and you do not need to go to your account by mail to confirm the account Whatsapp , everything you need to register a new account in Whatsapp only the number of iPhone , Whether the slide is on the same iPhone as the Whatsapp program, or if that slide is on another iPhone, you will eventually get a new Whatsapp account. Follow the following animation to learn how to create an account on the whatsapp:

How to register in Whatsapp

After registering an account in the whatsapp, all the contacts will be added to the Whatsapp program, and to reach all the people who control and connect to their phone, whether they have an iPhone or an Android phone,
See the following image:

Home main screen for contacts in Whatsapp
Download whatsapp for iphone

• No. (1): Your case is “your status” on your whatsapp, as well as all contacts in Whatsapp.
• Number (2): Record the incoming and outgoing calls.
• Number (3): Create a story, send it to friends or to your status.
• No. (4): All chats on the whatsapp.
• No. (5): The settings of the whatsapp.

In case the SIM is registered in the whatsapp If you do not have the same SIM on the same iPhone, you will not have any difficulty accessing your contacts, because all the names in your iPhone are stored in your iPhone memory, and you do not save on the SIM.

What ‘s New in Whatsapp for iPhone latest update :

1. Whatsapp Story “Status whatsapp”:
Update the situation in Whatsapp to the Status “Story”:
Whatsapp recently released the latest update to the iPhone, changing the status from typing to stories to compete with Snape Chat and Instagram, where you can You post photos, videos, and GIFs instead of writing the case, sharing everything that’s going on with you during your day with all the contacts that have a Whatsapp account on the iPhone, and with this update, the format of the iPhone has changed completely.

How do I add a Status case to Whatsapp on iPhone?

You can simply add the Story status in Whatsapp to your iPhone, by:

1. Select the status and press on My Status.
2. You can choose a picture from the studio or you can shoot a new image via the iPhone camera.
3. Add annotation, effects and emoticons> Click on the blue sender shares> to see the photo gallery

Set up the case in Whatsapp on iPhone

Create Status in Whatsapp on iPhone 2

What about the privacy of the situation in Whatsapp!
Is it similar to Snape Chat and Status Instagram?
Of course, the Status disappear 24 hours later, and you can hide the status of a contact.
You can save your friends’ history before they disappear, in a simple way without programs and without Gailbreak you by going to an article:

Save Status whatsapp

How can I hide the status of a contact in Whatsapp?

4. Press the status
5. Select Privacy from the top left of the screen.
6. Select from the Who can see my status list from the list you want to see your status.

How do I delete my status on Whatsapp on iPhone?

You can delete the status on Whatsapp through the deletion option at the bottom of the case. The following images show how to delete status Whatsapp:

Delete status on Whatsapp


Delete case on Whatsapp
You can send a response or comment on your friends’ Status, by:
7. Click on Friends Status.
8. Choose Reply from the bottom, type your comment and then submit.
Comment may be a (image, or text comment)
You’ll find the comment in Chats at Whatsapp

2. Video calls: Video calls have officially arrived at Whatsapp, and Whatsapp Video calls are officially available for iPhone at the Status, where you can make free video calls on the TV.

Free whatsapp video calls

3. Encryption of conversations: Whatsapp recently added the latest version of the iPhone to the iPhone and the security feature is to encrypt all conversations including calls, whether voice or video or even text to become difficult to spy on Whatsapp through the programs of the next party.

4. Attractive Chat Backgrounds: Whatsapp added new images and multiple fixed colors in the latest version

Wallpapers whatsapp for iphone

5. Whatsapp Web:

You can now login Whatsapp Web and chat with friends through your computer or laptop.

6. Free calls:
Whatsapp calls have been added and are very excellent and are one of the best features of Whatsapp for iPhone, it is of high quality and good clarity in voice transmission.

7. Hide the last Seen:
Many features have been added in Whatsapp Hide seen so you can now hide the seen of the status only for friends and hide the seen of Read receipts.

8. Send GIF animations.

9. 2-Step Verification For increased privacy, by typing your email, and a password of 6 characters or numbers, go to [Settings> Account> 2-Step Verification> Enable> Type Password> Type Email Animation to learn how to

Enable 2-Step Privacy: 2-Step in Whatsapp

Back Case status in WattsApp for iPhone:

After Whatsapp changed the situation to pictures and video to become like status , competing stories Snape Chat, and the stories of Messenger Facebook, was met with great annoyance by many users, which made Whatsapp to restore the text situation back to Whatsapp, You can express your status by typing instead of photos and videos, and you’ll find in the contacts below each name the text status that they’re placing.

How do I write the status in Whatsapp on iPhone?

Go to Settings> click on your name> press News> click on “Current Expert” and then type your text status, or choose a state of the existing Whatsapp for iPhone.
The following animation shows how:

Write status in Whatsapp for iPhone

Sometimes you may need to save the whatsapp scripts without the owner’s knowledge, change the color of the font and the theme without the Gailbreak, you get a colorful touchscreen, through Whatsapp Plus for iPhone.

Learn about Whatsapp Web for iPhone

With this feature, you can login your whatsapp account on the computer from the computer, and all the contacts on your whatsapp are automatically transferred, without transferring them manually, and you can easily modify your profile to learn how to run the application. On the computer, follow these steps:
[Settings> Web and Computer WebSite> Click on the following link> Point your camera towards the small black squares icon> In less than a minute your whatsapp account will open on your computer on your computer as all your data and contacts go out> Communicate with friends through Computer ].

Run the whatsapp on your computer

Clear the icon from the camera

How to run Whatsapp on iPad without Gailbreak ?

The way you whatsapp run iTunes on iPad is somewhat similar to the way it works on your computer, so follow these steps to get Whatsapp on iPad and without Gailbreak :
1. Open the Whatsapp link here from the Safari browser, or from any browser on the iPad.

2. Access the desktop location request, as in the following image:

Run whatsapp iTunes on iPad without Gailbreak

3. Follow the rest of the steps to run the Whatsapp on the iPad from the article Whatsapp Ibad without Gailbreak .

Unlimited chat without any financial restrictions:

Whatsapp is one of the most popular programs for iOS phones. With Whatsapp, you can connect with your family and loved ones anytime, anywhere, send free messages, make free calls with anyone you want, and Whatsapp lets you send pictures, the video.
After you download WhatsApp Messenger iOS you can synchronize your friends from any other whatsapp , and you will find fun and entertainment and free and fast connection with the application of Whatsapp for iPhone, go to the link Whatsapp for iPhone, and connect with others without any financial restrictions.

Download WhatsApp for iPhone/iPad Download Free on iOS
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